Winter Creature to Mermaid Goddess: How to Prep your Skin for Spring Break

It's Monday, February 25th which can only mean one thing: Spring Break is approaching and it isn't slowly creeping up. It is coming full speed for you whether you are ready or not! We are here to help you with the "ready or not" part and at least help you transform from the winter creature that has been hiding under blankets and sweaters to the beautiful mermaid goddess we know you are; even if it is deep down, deep deep down under dry, translucent skin. We are here for you!

First and foremost, it is not surprise that your skin may be dull, dry, and all around blah (unless you are lucky enough to live in Florida where winter is magic for your skin), so take notes on our favorite products for shedding your winter skin!



This is probably our most important step for the summer sun. You will want to switch your everyday daytime moisturizer to a product that DOES NOT contain retinal and has at least an spf of 30. Retinal causes your skin to dry out and be more sensitive to the sun. Look for a moisturizer that has green tee extracts to help keep your skin hydrated.


To help rid your face of all the winter build up and dry skin grab an exfoliate that is made for your face. This is important as the facial products are less harsh than your body scrubs. I suggest going for a product that contains natural elements. To get the best out of exfoliating, you must use your moisturizer (with sunscreen) religiously. DON'T SKIP!


Another great product to have for the summer is a BB Cream of some variation (with spf in it of course). This adds another layer of protection while also giving your skin a summer glow before the vacation even starts.

**Most important thing to remember about the above steps is to start a couple weeks prior to your vacation. This will let your skin settle and get used to your new routine.



There isn't much difference between the process of exfoliating your body vs. your face. You do have a wider range of products to use as your body skin tends to be less sensitive when compared to your face. A good sugar scrub can do the trick. *TIP: use prior to your first hair removal treatment for best results


Shaving vs. Waxing? We vote waxing! It leaves a cleaner finish and lasts way longer than shaving. Shop around your town to try and find the best deals. You can most likely get a good bikini wax for about $40. When you compare this to the price of women's razors these days, the cost isn't too different. You can get a good shave going for your legs/underarms with an at home razor but for bikini, we won't budge! WAX GIRL. *TIP: let hair grow about 1/4", exfoliate before hand and take a shot of tequila. You'll do great <3


Now that you've rid yourself of dry skin and unwanted hair, time to treat yourself to that perfect summer tan. AVOID tanning beds at all costs and reach for the self tanner. Make the start of your vacation look as if you've been lounging on the beach for weeks. Benefits of self-tanner of tanning beds? 1) No weird tan lines from the way you were laying in the bed 2) Less harmful on your skin 3) No wrinkles!


Don't your freshly manicured body burn after you've put all the work into it! Even though you have layered the self-tanner on, you can still burn. Everyone's skin is different and requires different levels of spf but we can generalize a few points: 1) if you are oiling up for the perfect suntanned skin, be sure there is SPF in it. Oil has great benefits for your skin but not having spf will negate all the benefits it provides 2) Top places to burn a.k.a. add high spf: chest, shoulders, tops of feet. Check out this article on top sunscreen mistakes you make without even knowing:

CONGRATS! A few simple and easy steps to being Spring Break READY. Now all you need is the perfect bikini <3 check out for Kali's favorite bikinis!



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